10 Things Your Trainer May Be Thinking During Your Lesson


photo credit: Roberta McCarty

10) I wonder if they’d notice if I just ran a recording – “Sit back, heels down, keep looking ahead…”

9) I better take them off the horse and just teach them the difference between left and right.

8) I hope they drive a car better than they ride a horse.

7) Maybe if I tried asking them in a different language they would understand and do it.

6) I should have stayed in school and taken that 9 to 5 job.

5) Actually, your horse is pinning its ears not listening to you.

4) I hope they never wanted to have children.

3) No, I can’t ride the horse for you… On second thought, that would sure make this process go a lot easier.

2) Why is it that by the end of this lesson I’ll know everything about this person’s personal life?

1) I hope they’re paying cash.


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