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Horse Wrecks! (Part 1: How to avoid them)

Horse Wrecks: How to avoid them

Step 1 – Hobble Training

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Art by: Will James

Starting a colt can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a horseman. It’s truly a magical thing taking a wild herd animal with intense instincts telling it to run or even fight, and within a few short lessons, being able to build its trust and confidence and make it a partner. One moment it’s trying to flee for its life and the next, you’re loping around in the arena and teaching it new things.

Still, we’ve all witnessed disasters when starting a horse. Almost always, these wrecks can be avoided with patience and proper horsemanship. Understanding that we are dealing with a herd animal as opposed to a domesticated dog or cat is key. More than anything, the horse wants to flee.

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