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Does My Horse Love Me?

Response To NYMag’s “Horses Can Read (Some) Human EmotionsIMG_8878

Through the years, many clients and friends have asked me, “Does my horse like me, and does he recognize me and have real feelings about me?”  I work with horses because they are living, thinking creatures that have emotions and intelligence.  When we train one, and they respond the way we hoped, there is a real joy derived from that communication. As a horse trainer, what fun would it be to train/program a robot.  For me, none.  Having worked with horses my entire life, it comes as no surprise that horses can recognize, visually, human emotions.  More than this, they absolutely can sense our moods and emotions.

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Better Spins With One Simple Exercise


Whether your horse is just beginning to learn the spin, or he is seasoned spinning veteran, this easy to execute exercise will help him perform better.

Many believe the spin can be viewed as a small circle taken all the way down to a pivot.  In other words, when walking a small circle, the rider winds the circle down, smaller and smaller, until the horse is piviting around its hind end. It is very important the horse already has a good understanding of how to move away from leg pressure as well as knowing how to follow its head when cued by the bridle reins.

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