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Top 10 Reasons to Become a Horse Trainer

Top 10 Reasons To Become A Horse Trainer

image1 (image from myphonemd)

  1. You love the taste of dust and oddly enough enjoy watching the shower water turn brown as it runs down your leg.
  2. You prefer the smell of sun screen to cologne or perfume.
  3. Teaching people to ride sounds like the easiest job on earth.
  4. You enjoy visiting exotic locales like OKC and Amarillo.
  5. You always got an “A” in grammar school for playing in the sand box.
  6. You were sold by the fabulous retirement plan.
  7. It provides more opportunities to test out your health insurance.
  8. Why work 9 to 5 when you can work around the clock 7 days a week?
  9. You decided you were too squeamish to be a brain surgeon and too afraid of heights to be a rocket scientist so that left horse training.
  10. Who doesn’t want to be a cowboy?

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10 Things Your Trainer May Be Thinking During Your Lesson


photo credit: Roberta McCarty

10) I wonder if they’d notice if I just ran a recording – “Sit back, heels down, keep looking ahead…”

9) I better take them off the horse and just teach them the difference between left and right.

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9 Reasons To Buy Your Kid A Horse

9) The biggest problem they’ll have is their video game playing skills will suffer, as they’ll be spending too much time outside.

8) The only narcotics they’ll be exposed to are bute and banamine.

7) The meanest streets they’ll have to walk down will be bridle paths.

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Is Your Horse a Democrat or Republican?

Doesn’t matter…

Top 10 reasons your horse should be president




10)  He has incredible influence over people- If he can convince a judge his owner knows how to ride, he can bring peace to the Middle East.


9) He’s a great compromiser- “Ok, if you promise to quit sticking those spurs into me, I promise to quit trying to buck you off.
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