Is Your Horse a Democrat or Republican?

Doesn’t matter…

Top 10 reasons your horse should be president




10)  He has incredible influence over people- If he can convince a judge his owner knows how to ride, he can bring peace to the Middle East.


9) He’s a great compromiser- “Ok, if you promise to quit sticking those spurs into me, I promise to quit trying to buck you off.


8) He stands firm on the issues he believes in- “No! I will not load easily into that horse trailer!”
7) He understands the national debt- it’s very similar to the debt his owners went into when they bought him.


Photo credit: Flightrising


6) He’s only influenced by a couple lobbyists- the sugar growers and the apple growers.


5) He’ll forever remove our dependence on foreign oil- we might become more dependent on foreign alfalfa though.


4) He’ll provide better health care- your doctor would come directly to your house to run all lab tests, x-rays, and exams; and you’d be given results on the spot as well as treatment (granted, the needles may be bigger).


3) He’ll protect our lands- always on high alert, he’ll spring into action at the slightest hint of danger (even a snapping twig or a rustling tarp).


Photo credit: Political Illusions


2) He’ll surround himself with great people and knows how to delegate to each a specific task- trainer, farrier, chiropractor, masseuse,vet, hauler, exerciser, acupuncturist, groom, stall cleaner, feeder, and owner.


1) He’s always honest!


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