Tackle Life’s (Lead) Changes!

Step by step:

How to develop a confident and correct lead change with your partner

This video is a sneak peak of what our premium content will contain. Happy lead changing! Please email us or comment below with any questions.


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4 thoughts on “Tackle Life’s (Lead) Changes!
  1. Britta

    Hi Tom
    I love your recent video on the lead changes.
    It is very nice how you explain you step by step moves and emphasize that this is a several week or longer process and not a two day fix.
    Looking forward to your next video.

    1. foranperformance

      Hi Britta,

      I’m glad you liked the lead change piece. We will be doing more soon. Your feedback is very important as we are trying to provide the most useful content possible! Hope all is good with you! Be good up there and keep in touch.


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